Cleaning: Cleaning is provided upon departure. Furnishings include cooking and eating utensils, bed and bath linens. The guest is responsible for all paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags,etc) and soap products (bath, dish and laundry). The guest is required to wash, dry & put away all dishes, including dishes from the dishwasher, remove all items from the refrigerator and dispose of all trash. If you require special amenities such as a particular bed size, air conditioning, etc., it is your responsibility to request these when your reservation is made. We cannot change a particular house to suite your needs. Guests are responsible for checking their arrival and departure dates, and amenities, prior to arrival. Changing units upon arrival will cause forfeiture of prepaid rent and/or may result in additional expenses depending on the unit chosen. Please but do not re-arrange the furnishings, pictures or beds; to do so is considered damage and will result in a charge to your security deposit. Carolina Vacations will not be responsible for items left in a home by guests. If Carolina Vacations is asked by a guest to find and return any item(s) left in a rental, those items will be returned by mail, COD, with a service charge of $25 added to the total.

Trash: All trash must be removed from your unit before check out. We apologize for the inconvenience, but Haywood County does not provide curb side pickup at these properties. A map to the dumpster facilities will be provided in your check-in packet. These facilities are closed on Sunday. The dumpsters are no longer located across the street from our office There will be a $5 per bag charge for all trash left at the unit. We will charge this to the Credit Card on file and send you a receipt or to your Security Deposit.

Phone: Your unit's phone number is listed on your copy of the confirmation form in the section labeled "Property Information." Please remember that no long distance or toll calls are to be charged to the owner's phone. Phone cards can be purchased locally. Security deposits are not intended to cover toll phone calls discovered after your departure. If the owner receives a bill for local toll calls or long distance calls that exceed any monies you leave with the rental office or your security deposit, you will be billed for the additional amount, plus a $15 service fee.

Messages: All units are equipped with a phone. The phone number is printed on your pink copy of the confirmation. Messages may be picked up at our office. We do not deliver messages, except in cases of emergency (death, accident or serious illness). Emergency calls after hours should be directed to the Haywood County Sheriff's Department (828) 452-6666. Be sure to leave the name and phone number of your unit with anyone who may need to reach you.

Internet access: We realize that many of you need internet access while in town. A few of our units do provide DSL internet access or a dial up line, however many do not. It is your responsibility to request this when making a reservation. If you have an account with a major provider, be sure that you use their local access number while in town. If your provider does not have a local access number you may contact ASAP Communications by calling 828-456-9661 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up a temporary account while in town.

Heat/AC: When you leave the cabin for the day, please check the thermostats and leave them set on a sensible temperature for your return. During the winter months, always have the temperature set at no less than 55- 60 degrees. In the summer if you turn the temperature to low too fast it will cause the unit to freeze over and not work properly. Do not set thermostats below 69 degrees in the summer. If a central heat/air unit does not turn on you may need to reset the unit on the outside (call our office for directions) During the winter months, never turn the heat "OFF", this can cause freezing pipes in a short amount of time.

Fireplaces, campfires: Please make certain that your wood burning fireplace damper is open before lighting a fire, and that the fire is completely out and the damper is closed before you leave the unit. NO campfires are allowed unless the owners have already designated a prepared spot. Please check with our office regarding county burn bans. Remember that you are on private property.

Sub-leasing: It is against policy for you to sub-let your unit. Example: If you reserve a unit for a month, it is expected that you will be staying there for the duration, not you for several days, then your neighbor, relative, friend, employees, for several days or weeks to complete the month. If you have questions regarding this policy, please call the office prior to your arrival.

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