Mountain Views 

The splendor of the mountains in Maggie Valley becomes even more impressive when enjoyed from the comfort of your own porch or great room. With mountain peaks more than 6,000 feet tall surrounding our valley center, we boast some of the most breathtaking views east of the Rockies.


The language of the Cherokee used dozens of different terms to describe rushing water. The Cherokee word for waterfall, for example, captured not just the volume and height of the falls, but also its particular sound. Those of us who now call the Smokies home understand the Cherokee fascination with tumbling water; we love to sleep alongside a stream, and to drain away our tension watching the current glide by.

Woodsy Retreats 

When intrepid explorer and botanist John Bartram passed through centuries ago, he marveled at the vistas, sure, but he was most interested in what he could find at his feet. Many of our rentals are tucked among wildflowers in emerald coves and hollows, some at creekside, and all in places where nighttime views include foxfire, lightning bugs, and stars through a canopy of rustling leaves.

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